The next-gen crypto tracking dashboard

Meet the most complete and easy to use tracking and analytics tool for the BSC and ETH networks, packed with never before seen features and state of the art UX to streamline your crypto investing workflow.

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Sonar is finally bringing all relevant data and crucial tools you need to DYOR under a single comprehensive solution.

We believe that your ability to take good investment decisions shouldn’t require you to waste precious time on digging into contracts or reddit and countless social channels.

So we designed a new breed of software to streamline your crypto workflow and keep you sane throughout your journey.

Customizable Dashboard

Cut through the noise and focus on the data that is most important for your personal investing strategy and style.  Customize and streamline your data feed.  Keep what you need, and hide what you don't. Your dashboard, your choice.

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Having the complete picture is making a sound choice

Data drawn down from social media, influencers, and many other metadata sources are aggregated, compiled and scored to give you trade signals that are not available from any other platform.


Navigate with clarity

Our contract security scan searches for the latest known scam functions and exploits, and compiles a digestible report detecting an extensive list of security threats that can be found in scam contracts – or positive aspects.


Optimized for every screen

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The $PING token

Our tokenomics have been designed to provide both stability and reward holders while sustaining the ecosystem development and growth.

A 10% transaction tax grants at the same time a constant increase of holdings for our investors, liquidity, and funding for our venture

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Even more incentive to hold $PING

PING token holders have access to the advanced tracking features and take advantage of Sonar’s unique analytics platform.

back to holders
funds development & marketing
back to liquidity pool
funds innovation

Tier Structure

PING token holders have access to the advanced tracking features and take advantage of Sonar’s unique analytics.

Tier 0

Access to basic features

Tier 1

+ Remove advertising banners
+ Token events tracking
+ Custom token dashboard
+ Portfolio auto-tracking

Tier 2

+ Advanced events tracking
+ Advanced notifications
+ Plot trades on chart
+ more

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Sonar Whitepaper
Platform design & prototyping
Website design & Development
Unroll Marketing plan
pre-sale on DxSale
Launch on Pancake Swap
Listing on CoinGecko
Listing on CoinMarketCap
Logo on Web3 Wallets and Pancake Swap
Techrate Audit
Listing on blockfolio
Expand Development Team
Enhanced marketing strategy execution
Tier-2 CEX Listings
Ethereum Bridge
CertiK Contract Audit
Tier-1 CEX Listings
Metadata Tracking Layer and Frontend UI Development
Asset Tracking Layer Development
Web3 Wallet App Development (Limited Trade Execution and P/L Functions)
New platform features Unveil
AI analysis substrate Development
Continued R&D of the Sonar Use Case in Sequence with the Ever Changing Crypto Intelligence Market
Security and NFT Technology Partnerships Announcements
Sonar Platform Open Beta Testing
Web3 Wallet App Launch
(Web App, iOs, Android)

Chief Officers

Photo of Jacob Camilleri
Jacob Camilleri
Chief Executive Officer
Malta 🇲🇹
7+ years experience in senior project management, urban, transport and environmental planning. Diversified portfolio of expertise...
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Photo of Michael Wood
Michael Wood
Chief Fintech Officer
11+ years experience in developing Traceability/Transparency systems for commodities exchange, 5+ years experience developing Private-Public Blockchain...
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US 🇺🇸
Photo of Cristiano Troffei
Cristiano Troffei
Chief Innovation Officer
+20y experience designing and innovating technology products, +5y experience as CEO of a multi-million users platform, and 2 years as CDO...
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Italy 🇮🇹

Leads & Advisors

Photo of Ryan
Strategy Lead
US 🇺🇸
Photo of Jean-Pierre De La Cruz De Jesus
Jean-Pierre De La Cruz De Jesus
Technical Advisor
US 🇺🇸
Technical Lead
Canada 🇨🇦
Photo of Elias AD
Elias AD
Community Lead
Canada 🇨🇦
Photo of Suleman Dotutinggi
Suleman Dotutinggi
Strategic Partnerships
Indonesia 🇮🇩
Social Media Lead
Singapore 🇸🇬
Photo of Matthew Gray
Matthew Gray
Relations Lead
New Zealand 🇳🇿
Marketing Lead
Netherlands 🇳🇱
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Stay tuned,
we are not done yet.

We have prepared a juicy stream of news about the product feature unveils starting from launch date for the next month.

We look forward to revealing more about our platform, join our movement by following our social channels and be the first to know.

Frequently Asked Questions

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